Red Bean Minestrone



The Minestrone is an Italian soup that is prepared using seasonal vegetables, such as carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, green beans, etc.
It is an excellent soup for cold weather, but in Venezuela, it has become a staple for lat Sunday Brunch. The Minestrone has basic ingredients, but each family gives it a little twist of their own, from slight spiciness to a sweet flavor.


15 Minutes

Cooking Time:

1:10 Hours


6 Portions





● ½ Kg of Maizalito red beans
● Water
● 2 Cups of cold water
● ⅔ cup of chopped celery stems
● ½ cup of green beans, minced without veins
● ⅓ cup of diced carrots
● 1 cup of diced potatoes
● 2 cups of minced cabbage
● ¾ cup of minced tomato, without skin or seeds.
● 2 tablespoons of salt
● ½ of ground black pepper
● 4-5 strips of bacon
● ½ cup of chopped onion
● 1 thick stalk of leek, chopped into small slices
● 4 cloves of minced garlic
● ½ cup of red pepper, cut without skin or seeds
● 100 gr of diced, fully cooked ham
● ½ bowl of short-sized pasta



● Choose and wash the Maizalito beans; leave soaking in water the night before preparing the recipe.
● Remove the water from the soaked beans, re-wash them, and then place them in a large pot, cover with enough water.
● Boil and cook them for 30 minutes; add the 2 cups of cold water, so the beans can submerge to the bottom.
● Boil again and cook them until the beans are soft.
● Add the celery, green beans, carrot, potatoes, cabbage, tomato, salt, and
pepper to the pot and cook for another 20 minutes.
● Cut the bacon in thin slices, and use another pan to fry it, golden brown.
● On that same pan, fry the onion, leek, and a little bit of garlic with the fat rendered by the bacon; cook until wilted.
● Once it is wilted, add the paprika and the ham, and cook for about 5 more
minutes. Leave in the pan over low heat.
● Add the sautéed ingredients to the beans pot, and cook over medium
heat for around 20 minutes, covering the top. Add the pasta 10 minutes
before turning off the heat.
● Serve with parmesan cheese and toasted bread.