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Our company was born under the name of “Comercializadora Agrícola Domínguez, C.A.,” in the year 1992, in the beautiful city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela. Since then, we have been a family-run business with the mission of buying and selling products for mass consumption, especially in the field of legumes.

During our first 10 years in business, we established and consolidated strong relationships with national producers and international suppliers, managing to create a strong distribution network in both packaging and processing industries.


In line with our company growth and strategic business plan, we expanded into a larger state-of-the-art facility in 1999. This expansion allowed us to have fully-equipped offices, large storage areas, and innovative product packaging technology, creating new employment opportunities for the entire region.


We have grown and evolved throughout the years. Therefore our image has changed.
You can now find us at the different points of sale as “El Maizalito,” with the same quality, but with a fresher image.



Be Venezuelans Favorite Brand!

● Empathy: we understand the needs of our customers, and we’re committed to them.
● Quality: we want our customers to feel that it is worth it to buy our products.
● Attribution: we take care of every detail of production to guarantee quality assurance, from selecting the best legumes to using best packaging printing technology.


Industry leaders in the production of legumes in the Venezuelan market


With our exceptional team and state-of-the-art technology, we’re committed to delivering products with high-quality assurance.


By having our own distribution system through all commercial channels, we’re able to have a national and international presence.

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